The Top Investment Firms in the US

While there are many investment firms both in the US and abroad, here are 14 of the largest that represent the majority of invested assets in the US. Where possible, we have included links to each firm's "Find an Advisor" page.  The list is formatted alphabetically, and is not intended to be a recommendation of any the listed firms. It is up to you to decide which firm is best for you, and there are many high quality smaller firms that are not on this list. Be sure to perform your own research before selecting a financial planner.

National (USA) or Global Investment Firms with Retirement Planning divisions, ordered alphabetically: 


American Funds

Part of the CAP Group, American Funds has a group of Mutual Funds and over 7000 Financial Advisors.  They provide services direct to corporate retirement/401k plans and a network of Independent Advisors.  They do not provide an online search tool to locate a financial advisor, and they prefer that you call them to setup an account.



Ameriprise Financial offers financial services via a network of 10,000+ advisors across the US. Find nearby Advisors here.


Charles Schwab

Considered a lower cost service a few years ago,  Schwab is now a full service Investment firm like the others on this list, and with $0 Account Maintenance Fees. They are arguably the largest firm that serves independent advisors. Follow steps to find an advisor here


Edward Jones

Managing accounts for over seven million investors, Edward Jones claims to focus on the individual investor. Find an advisor here.


Fidelity Investments

One of the biggest investment firms in the USA, Fidelity needs no introduction. Along with Vanguard, they are the largest operator of 'Family Funds', offering mixed investments in individual funds. General perception seems to be that Fidelity is a bit more innovative than Vanguard, though both firms offer a wide variety of investment & tools. You can find an advisor via their Wealth Advisor Solutions web page.


JPMorgan Retirement Plan Services

JPMorgan is the investing services subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase Bank. Find an advisor here.


LPL Financial

Claims to be the largest independent broker-dealer, with other 13,000 financial advisors. Find an advisor here.


Merrrill Lynch / Bank Of America

A full service investment firm purchased by Bank of America in 2008. Merrill has over 15,000 advisors who have some independence from BofA. Merrill completes directly with Wells Fargo/Wachovia. Find an advisor here.


Morgan Stanley

Full service Financial Management Firm. They do offer some nice public reports on their website such as rate outlooks and bond reports. Find an advisor here.


Raymond James

with more than 6000 Independent Advisors, and two million accounts, that's 333 accounts per advisor.  One wonders why they list both data points in the same paragraph on their website.  Find an advisor here.


RBC Wealth Management

Royal Bank of Canada's Global Wealth Management firm. Serves Canadians, Britons and others. Find an advisor here.


UBS Financial Services

Global Wealth management firm with headquarters in Switzerland.  Find a UBS Financial Advisor



Vanguard serves both Institutional Investors and Financial Advisors. They compete directly with Fidelity with managed funds and popular ETFs, and are considered a bit more conservative in their approach to fund management. They are also the benchmark leader for Index funds, offering them in most sectors. Find an advisor here. (they're called Concierge Services associates)


Wells Fargo / Wachovia Securities

Wachovia was a full service investment firm that has been fully integrated into Wells Fargo. They compete directly with BofA/Merrill Lynch.  Find an advisor here.