About us

The Planners Network has a simple mission: 

We want to assist you in your planning to have a financially comfortable retirement.

A few years ago, we came to the realization that we can do something to address the 'lost decade' of the 2000s that has impacted the retirement savings of boomers, gen-x'ers and anyone who wants to plan a comfortable retirement.  What is a comfortable retirement?  The answer depends on your circumstance, but it can be distilled to this: "simply maintaining a state of financial well being". Once you retire, you should be free from worry about providing for yourself, your family and your children.

Our Ethics

What separates us from other financial services orginizations is our commitment to providing an unbiased education and empowering our readers.  No snake oil here! We don't push theories from the latest pundit or expert that is self-promoting all over the news media.

Our Audience

Anyone who want's to become more knowledgeable about financial planning, and the work that is necessary to ensure a more comfortable retirement. 

Our Content

We're not interested in providing short term advice such as today's stock picks. Your retirement may be years away or right around the corner, so we prefer to focus on the longer term. 

We hope you find this a particularly valuable source of information that will allow you to put your retirement savings on track.


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